Complete advanced multi-technology solutions to match your electronics systems requests:

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly
  • Wires and connectors liaison
  • Complex assembly for advanced electronic systems
  • Laser marking
  • Sheet steel enclosures

A partnership in the development of your project from drawing to delivery

  • Development and set up of both hardware and software including the test benches starting from your requirements specs or co-development with our in-house R&D department
  • Awareness at the early stage of the project of the compatibility and compliance of the standards or regulations (ATEX/CE/OC/FCC etc.), thus leading to the approval of your final product by the stipulated official control agency
  •  Feasibility study, prototyping
  • Fine tuning of test benches
  • A dedicated task force using the right dedicated processes for your request
  • Sourcing and supply chain management of metal and PCB components by our commodity buyers in mechanics or electronics, using our international supplier network. Close relationship with MEE partners ensure an optimal sourcing for connectors components.
  • Industrialization in our dedicated workshop specialized in electronic boards, including assembling through hole technology (THT) components, integration of complete intermediate assembly components, taking advantage of an experienced team for wire bonding, Surface Mounted Device (SMD) and conventional wiring, components assembling with binoculars, process control system
  • Wiring performed by a dedicated team
  • Controls and tests specifically designed as per the specifications book: visual control of all components (single or assembly), operational testing, First Article Inspection (FAI) and measurements records, in circuit test (ICT), continuous measurement process.

  • Coating of electronic boards to prevent corrosion, dust, humidity. Coating thickness and overlapping check (using UV lighting for overlap quality and resistivity control for thickness)
  • Potting of electronic modules
  • Logistics (transports and customs) for incoming goods and final delivery to customer
  • Test and maintenance according to operational specs


Reliability and quality: work according to the customers’ norms and specs: qualification ISO 9001, label Excellence Mont-Blanc

High reactivity and flexibility to match your request and deliver just in time, and if extra capacity is needed with adding the required shifts

Quality/Price: competitive prices, relying on components sourcing with a focus on the best ratio Cost/Delivery time for our clients and maximizing the production output

A unique partner from development to delivery

Some of MEE parts references

Production of micro-machining connectors components:

Male contacts (spit), female contacts (sleeve), tubes and isolators for high end electric connectors or test probes for electronic test companies

Integration of simple to complex sub-assemblies:

SMD (Surface Mounted Device), pins and electric connectors, integration of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), digital readers, wired connections (cables, connectors…), wifi or global positioning systems