Assembling of complex machined parts and electronics: fully operational solutions to develop and produce mechanical components assemblies that include electronics systems for drive and control. With a single responsible MEE partner for serial production of both complex machined parts and assemblies.

From serial production of both complex machined parts and assemblies to final delivery

  • Production of machining parts, with a broad range of materials, from 0 to 200 mm,  in small, medium, large batches and series
  • Own production and integration of electronic components, internally produced or sourced to our selected suppliers by our commodity buyers
  • Development of assembly processes and set up of complete assembling by relying on simple or complex components, both metallic and electronic, secured by:
    • Our in-house expertise of assembling, riveting, crimping, sealing on machined parts
    • Our extensive and diverse production equipment: presses, welding stations, automatic bagging machines …
    • The development and set-up of our own dedicated assembly tooling when needed
    • Our experience in integrating production lines or equipment property of our clients

One single dedicated MEE partner is responsible for the developement stages:

  • RFQ analysis
  • Co-design and co-engineering -when appropriate –  with the R&D department, in order to assess the level of difficulty starting from the drawings and specs. MEE organizes the optimal set of production equipment – including the possibility to develop tooling or special machines depending on the part’s inherent level of complexity
  • Purchasing: sourcing, purchase process, procurement
  • Prototypes and homologation batches
  • Production of machined parts internallyat MEE
  • Simple or complex assembling using welding, crimping, press-fitting, electronic integration
  • Quality control process at each step of the process
  • Delivery management bagging, packaging, palletizing, expedition


One single dedicated partner is fully in charge of your entire project, delevoping thus  an extensive set up of :

– precision machined parts

– sourced single components of any available technology,

– integration of electronic systems


7 complementary production facilities – manufacturing single components or assembling – located within one-hour reach of the International Geneva Airport, in the Mont-Blanc area, in less than 10 minutes’ drive from one another

  • Flexible and adaptative organization
  • Experience in integrating  client’s production equipment
  • Managing the components sourcing
  • Developments and set up of dedicated toolings


  • Precise production processes and optimal supply chain management support cost  effiency
  • Supply chain optimisation allows on time deliveries
  • ISO 9001 qualification and label Montblanc Excellence sunstantiate a zero default target as a standard to our industry

Some of MEE parts references sorted by end-user general use

FLUIDICS EQUIPMENT (hydraulics and pneumatics)

  • Pressure cleaner and connector
  • Electric actuator

INDUSTRY (Machines, Transformation Movement)

  • Ring assembling and plastic head fitting
  • Measuring components (weight, light, electric current) for devices like: balances, mass spectrometers, rollers, ultrasonic welding machines


  • Electric Sheet steel boxes and control boxes for motorway collect toll