MEE provides assembling solutions and  offers a unique combination of machining and electronic techniques. From design to prototyping, serial production, effective assembling, packaging and delivery. Both single mechanical parts together with diverse combinations of machining and electronics solutions.


  • From prototype to high volume series
  • All diameters up to 200 mm
  • Multiple materials, from plastic to special metals (Inconel, titanium)
  • From Research and Development to production and delivery


  • From single connectors, electronic cards, cables and liaison connectors up to sophisticated assembly of electronic components
  • Co-design, components sourcing, prototyping, production setting, production organization, integration, testing, deliveries, maintenance

A specific expertise: precision machining and electronics for capital goods

Relying on their proven industrial history and common spirit, six companies well-known in the fields of precision machining, assembling of both machined and electronic components, mechatronic and assembling of electronic components, from the Mont-Blanc area joined and combined their expertise under the trade name Machining Electronics Experts in order to provide a broader offer of products and services to their customers in Europe.

Fluidics equipment (hydraulics & pneumatics)

Expertise of complex precision machining for decades and know-how valued on the international markets for its unique price-value ratio

End user applications:

  • Connectors for compressed air, gas or petrol gas
  • Connectors for water or gasoline, hydraulics, gas level valves

Industry (machines, transformation, movement)

Ability to design and to build special machines or dedicated equipment in order to combine serial production with competitive prices

End user application:

  • Hydraulic actuators, pumps casings, extinguishers systems

Electrics, connectics

An innovative approach to the requirements for small and precise solutions, sourcing from highly skilled suppliers and partners, showing strong references in the electronics industry

End user applications:

  • Ultra-small machined components:
    Male and female contacts, tubes, sheaths and isolators for high-end electric connectors and test probes for electronic testing
  • Complex assembling:
    From electric modules to electric connectors and  comlete custom test devices
  • Testing and maintenance:
    Updating and maintenance of digital decoders, alarm devices or global positioning systems